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So yeah, I have a blog! I will be blogging about lots of different things, and there may be fiction. Although I'll also post any fiction here, too :) I know I don't post here a lot, and it's partly cos I feel like my day to day life, most of the time, isn't worth writing about, and when it is, it's usually cos something bad happened, and there are comms for that where you don't sound like a whiner. Heh :) I do still read my friends page every day, often multiple times a day, now that I have a new phone and proper mobile internet, so I keep up with what you are all up to :)

Anyway, I wanted to have a 'random stuff' blog, and now I do :) Please, go read my first proper article!
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Okay, so being born in the late 80s and having my childhood be the 90s would not be what I'd choose for myself, given the option. For one, the music sucked. Well, the pop was okay at the time, but embarrassing now (which doesn't mean I don't still dance around to it *grins*). But I would ideally have been born thirty years earlier, in the late 50s - I would have been a child for the Beatles and the beginning of Doctor Who, a pre-teen/teenager for Star Trek, The Tomorrow People (and more Who), not to mention David Bowie and the rest of the awesome music, and I'd be about the age I am now for Sapphire and Steel (and obviously still more Who *grins*). As it stands, I get to catch up with these shows and the music after the fact, but I'm still missing out on things like the burninated episodes of Doctor Who that no-one will ever see again :o(

But that wasn't my point. I'm stuck with a 90s childhood - however, while I caught quite a few repeats of awesome kids telly from the 60s and 70s (Camberwick Green, Mr Benn, etc), the kids telly of the time was actually pretty great. Good enough that the sound of the theme tunes makes me grin like mad and want to hug things. I've been following links on Youtube and have found several shows, mostly for younger children but a couple for slightly older kids. I will now share these so you guys can reminisce - or glare at me for being young, whichever you prefer :oP (And the non Brits can just boggle at the cracked-out telly that influenced my generation.)

Several links that may well make you smile )

Oh, and Susan! I found your Samurai Pizza Cats thing! :oD

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