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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

Go check out my blog, where I have photos of stuff I found in supermarkets that have been put back in seemingly random places! (I has done funny writings as well.) Nine down, only ninety-one to go :)

Link to blog!
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Check out my latest blog post here! It's me live-blogging last Saturday's episode of Strictly Come Dancing. Fair warning: I know very little about ballroom dancing that I did not learn from Sabrina. My opinions are very uninformed :)
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New blog post! I was away from the net a bit while [livejournal.com profile] jupiter_star was here for a week, but I am sorta back now. Much fun was had while she was here, such as awesome sushi at OKO Express, heavily discounted salon day (here, lookit the pretty photo!), seeing lots of friends, etc, but there was a special kind of random fun in listening to an old guy play clarinet on the bus to drown out some guy's annoying tinny headphones.
Check out the post, it's got videos :D
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Can't believe this story's been languishing untitled on my hard drive for over six years. Finally posted it, yay! So, go read my blog! Original fiction awaits you :)
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Posted a new blog entry today, about how I met Sergeant Benton! Kinda only decided to go to Collectormania on a whim, but ended up having a really good day. John Levene was really nice :) So have a read of my latest entry, in which there is much more detail :)
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So yeah, I have a blog! I will be blogging about lots of different things, and there may be fiction. Although I'll also post any fiction here, too :) I know I don't post here a lot, and it's partly cos I feel like my day to day life, most of the time, isn't worth writing about, and when it is, it's usually cos something bad happened, and there are comms for that where you don't sound like a whiner. Heh :) I do still read my friends page every day, often multiple times a day, now that I have a new phone and proper mobile internet, so I keep up with what you are all up to :)

Anyway, I wanted to have a 'random stuff' blog, and now I do :) Please, go read my first proper article!

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