Squeakity Squeakers Squeak

Sep. 22nd, 2017 01:00 pm
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Posted by Jen



Thanks Julie A. for the cake, the cake for Kuzco, the cake chosen specially to kill Kuzco, Kuzco's cake.

That cake?


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A Series of Unfortunate Monograms

Sep. 21st, 2017 01:00 pm
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Posted by Jen

Who thought this was a good idea?


Or this?

(Never in my life have I so fervently hoped that a cake was chocolate.)


Or, Aunt Flo help us, this?

"So, when's the party?"

"At the end of the month."


Amy M., Jenna B., & Kim W., URQTs. At least, I like to think that you are. Not in a creepy way, of course, or like I know firsthand because I secretly stalk you or anything...that would just be weird. I mean, look, I'm just trying to give you a friendly compliment, in a completely platonic, non-stalker-esque kind of way, Ok? Ok. As you were.


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Wedding Wrecks, Fangirl Edition

Sep. 20th, 2017 01:00 pm
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Posted by Jen

Imani wanted this cake for her wedding, only with bright lime green flowers instead of pink:


She got this:




And Meredith asked for this design with little pumpkins instead of apples:


... but she got this:




And finally, as a baker herself, Zoey decided to keep her wedding cake design SUPER simple to avoid potential wreckage:

No piping required! Just plain frosted tiers and colored sugar crystals!


Say it with me, now:

What could possibly go wrong?


Oooh, Sherlock, you so bad.


Thanks to Imani R., Meredith R., & Zoey K., who want to know if I seriously just turned this post into a SuperWhoLock love fest. And the answer is yes, YES I DID.


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Posted by iczer6

Note: This is a Polly letter so it's TL:DR on both sides.

Dear Polly,

I am staring into the void. A bit dramatic, right? I thought so, too. Yet, as I type the words, they feel so real. Let me be absolutely clear, I have never desired the advice of others, until you, Polly. Like a misguided, pathetic, helpless whelp of a 25-year-old man, I submitted major life quandaries to a search engine connecting me to one of the most hopeless, abyssal planes in known existence: the internet. Super-great idea, I know. I waded through cesspools of advice given by youngsters and decrepits alike. Do this, do that, make this choice immediately because you have SO LITTLE TIME!, they said. One after the other, I scrolled through useless, choppy, grammar graveyards trying to get answers to my life’s biggest decisions. My ears pounding, winding me up like a top, preparing to spiral into infinite darkness. Then suddenly, a small ray of light amidst the black. Ask Polly. I scoffed. Another advice column for middle-aged housewives unhappy with their lives, I thought. Boy, I’m wrong or suddenly empathizing with unhappy middle-aged housewives. I instantly found responses similar to my own situation. I read Torn Between Two and Somewhere Between Panic and Dread. Polly, your words leapt off the page at me. Every time I thought you’d give some bullshit answer, you gave the opposite. Every time I thought you’d say something like “Follow your dreams,” you said, “Your dreams may never come true, ever, accept it and live the life you want.” You are the first advice-column writer to reach me, and I have read many. So, naturally, as my weak psyche tends to do, I took it as some grand sign that I should at least attempt to be read by you. Make no mistake, I don’t labor under the delusion that you care about my shitty life or anything that I have to say. But I respect your craft so much that I simply had to try. So, let me get to the question, if you’ve even read this far.

Should I just give up and cast my broken heart into oblivion? I come from what many would consider an extremely privileged family. We were certainly lower-middle class through my early childhood and have progressed to within the realm of upper-middle class. My education, a bachelor’s of business administration, came at no cost to me despite my many fuck-ups and terrible choices. So, I have always had what I needed and rarely had to make a decision on my own. Fast forward to the present day: I am attempting a freelance-writing career after having realized that business (a decision in major that was ultimately mine, but pressured by my parents) makes me terribly unhappy. I’m so early in my career that I’m taking odd jobs for $5 a pop just trying to get experience. I am in a relationship with a fine young woman who would do anything for me, albeit long distance over two years. Yet, despite my choice to pursue my ultimate passion and having the support from everyone around me, I feel empty. Obviously, I am terrified of not being able to succeed in a career that has so many uncertainties. My family would never say it, but I can see on their faces that they don’t believe in me or my passions, same for my girlfriend, honestly. In my life, all I have are my parents and my girlfriend, literally no one else. I am not much like the other people in my age range. I don’t drink alcohol or find sweaty, loud clubs to hold any entertainment value. In truth, I’m fairly socially backward because of this and ultimately find the company of these troglodytes, who claim to be millennials, shallow and pedantic about the people they socialize with. I think it may be important to note that I am not terrible looking by most societal standards, though I’m no Brad Pitt. However, my lack of ability to connect with those of my own age leaves me unable to create windows for meaningful friendship and developing love.

I met my girlfriend in Disney World, working as a character attendant on a college program with the company. She, too, was a program participant, and we hit it off pretty well due to the natural ice breaker that is living with a bunch of young, happy, overly romanticized young adults with common interests. These were some of the happiest days of my life, my two internships with Disney. However, prior to meeting her, there was another. Let’s call her Sierra, after her favorite soda, for the sake of organization. All that bullshit about falling in love at first sight never appealed to me. In fact, I had resigned myself to believing that love was just the dispersion of chemicals and pheromones driving us to mate, or at the very least, a construct to sell copious amounts of candy and keep dentists in business. All that changed when I saw Sierra. My body went ripe with rigor. God, she was beautiful. Slightly crooked nose (from an incident in her youth when it broke), a soft angelic lisp, flowing locks of golden hair, all that sappy load of crap. What they say is true, you know, everything turns into this slow-motion glide and your legs feel swollen like a couple of gourds. Do people say that? Anyway, completely against my character, I approached her and the swarm of hyenas cackling around her. For once in my life, my feelings for something were so strong that I fought against everything I am, and to my surprise I walked away with her number. The next few days were intense. We talked like we were the only two people on earth. We stayed up late swapping biographies the size of novellas through text. It would sometimes be 3 a.m. and we’d both need to be up by 7 a.m. We didn’t care.
Everything was going so gloriously. I had concocted a brilliant scheme to marry this girl and then suddenly the most horrid word in the world was dropped. “Boyfriend.” Sierra had a boyfriend of four years. She was madly in love. The one person in all of creation who shared my every interest, my every philosophy on life, yet maintained sizable differences enough to keep us interested, was gone. She was instantly removed from my world. They’ve been together seven years now. I still think of her every day. Which, to me, makes so little sense because I don’t even speak to her anymore. We aren’t connected on social media, I have no portal into her life other than what I occasionally see by accident from our mutual friends’ posts.

This is why I believe my relationship feels so hollow, Polly. No matter how much my girlfriend loves me and treats me right, something is missing. Often, I think being with her would be wonderful because she’s so great for me and I wouldn’t have to navigate the world alone. I think, if she weren’t here, I’d never meet anyone else. I don’t know how to make decisions on the important aspects of my life. If I fail at writing, I waste my time. If I fail at finding meaningful relationships, I die alone (more so than we do anyway). Right now, I’m at the crossroads of my life story. Staring down the path I choose and the road not taken. Peering into the possible Odyssey or the twisting nether. The Turning Point. I am horrified, because I love both my girlfriend and writing, and want to give up neither. Yet, as I examine my feelings and where I am, I feel wrong, disturbed somehow.
Should I just simply surrender to the mundane and get a normal 9-5 management job, and marry the girl I know will always have my back? Or, do I take that road not taken, take a chance on myself, and forego all safety and comfort to experience some form of thrill and accomplishment?

It must be hard to sit back and watch a privileged young man, that isn’t hideous at least, complain about his pretty gifted life. If you’ve read this thus far, I ask forgiveness from a writer so skilled as yourself for this bitching and moaning. It is unlike me to reach out to anyone, to feel a connection with a person, if only through a couple of words on the internet.
So, please, if you respond, have mercy with your judgment. I am simply lost and I fear that Polly, from a column called Ask Polly on the internet, may well be my only hope of sorting this mess out.

Thank you for your time, if nothing else, I think you have at least one more fanboy now, sincerely,

Staring Into the Void

Dear Staring Into the Void,

Luckily for you, I am both brilliant and merciful. Even though I see some flaws in your worldview, thanks to your healthy doses of flattery before and after diving into your story, I can’t help but see you as reasonable and worthy of my time. So our first lesson today is this: Flattery will get you everywhere you want to go. That sounds like a Visa slogan, but it’s true. I’ve never met a writer who wasn’t drawn to praise like a dog is drawn to something dead stuck to the pavement. Of course the word flattery implies insincerity, but I use it to sum up all praise from strangers, because some part of me can’t stand the idea of becoming someone who takes praise too seriously. I call it flattery so I don’t forget to paint myself as the smug pig in shit that I am.

This leads us to our second lesson, closely related to the first: Even though flattery is by definition both insincere and transactional, and even though people tend to shower praise on a queen mostly so she’ll do them some favor, sometimes genuine praise and admiration get caught up in the same tide. So even as I use the word flattery for all of it, I’m gently bending my personal definition of flattery to include genuine interest and respect. Likewise, even though most of the letters I get begin with words of praise and end with some request involving an outlay of time and resources on my part, and even though it would be easy to view myself, on any given day, as a kind of emotional service provider, which is really just a form of human Kleenex that becomes useless seconds after doing its job, I choose to forge an uneasy path between brilliant and merciful queen and snotty discarded Kleenex. I choose to accept and savor praise while also understanding it as both sincere and insincere, meaningful and transactional. I am very busy and important, and I’m also just an annoying middle-aged woman suffering from delusions of grandeur.

I’m lingering in this land of extremes because you paint the world with the same strokes: You have black paint and white paint. Things are either glorious or useless. People are either ordinary or they’ve got sparks shooting from their fingertips. Seeing the world this way is a gift. It makes you a natural writer. You’re absurdly sensitive and very afraid of the real world. No wonder Disney World was literally the Happiest Place on Earth for you. When you’re pried away from mundane concerns and interactions, you feel like you have supernatural powers. Until the veil is lifted, and then you feel like it was all just a pretty dream and you’re just another self-deluded whelp begging for scraps from some master’s table.

Because you have this magical/pathetic dichotomy seared into your brain, you could only reach out to me for advice because you decided I was worthy of respect, unlike “unhappy housewives” or “decrepits” or “overly romanticized young adults” or “shallow, pedantic millennials.” And even though it would be easy enough for me to tell you something like “Your superiority complex is a way of shielding yourself from the scary and humbling work of connecting with others” or “Every time you ridicule someone else, your self-loathing shows,” the truth is that sensitive, anxious types prone to magical thinking don’t look pathetic and delusional to me, from my pig-in-shit throne. They look like tiny little flower buds waiting to blossom. So instead of scolding you, I want to smother you in the proper variety of shit to make you bloom.

Maybe my two competing impulses match my own black and white palette. On the one hand, I want to tell you to humble yourself, to learn some trade you enjoy that will supplement your writing income and free you from financial dependence on your parents (and free you from the intense emotional servitude that comes with it). I want you to wipe the notion of yourself as “better” from your mind and recognize yourself as just another overly romantic young adult in the herd. I want you to stop privileging this magical Disney princess over the rest of womankind. I want to tell you that your black and white thinking is a manifestation of your depression and anxiety, a way to retreat into a private inner world where you can be safe and special enough to suit your tastes. But on the other hand, I want to acknowledge and even celebrate this romantic, bizarre, sparkly, absurd, black and white wonderland you’ve created in the confines of your mind. You can grow some pretty wild and beautiful flowers in the hothouse you’ve created, with enough rotting leaves and corpses and shit in the mix. By accepting and embracing your darkness and your dramatic impulses and your laserlike focus on love as salvation and your intensity and your obvious distaste for the mundane, you might access the parts of yourself that you already love and cherish the most. You might learn to focus and savor hard work and — eventually — create things that you can feel proud of.

So here’s your sloppy serving of shit, from a pig who enjoys wallowing in it every single day, a pig who doesn’t mind being repellent anymore, a pig who sometimes also feels like a brilliant and merciful queen: I have been humbled a million times over, and it was good for me. You’ll be humbled, too. You’ll benefit from taking a shitty day job that leaves you with not enough time to write. You’ll gain a lot from reaching out to people you feel are both scary and not good enough for you yet, the way you reached out to me. You just need to remember that people don’t have to be gorgeous or special-seeming or popular or even all that clever to deserve your laserlike focus and attention. The more you humble yourself, and admit the enormous shame that goes along with being the kind of romantic you naturally are, and (in spite of all of this knowledge) defend your right to continue being the exact kind of hothouse flower you’ve always been (even as your girlfriend and your parents and the new friends you’re going to make offer up eye rolls and smirks at how INTENSE you can be sometimes), the more you’ll be able not only to connect with other people but also to focus on the hard work at hand.

But you MUST step out into the world and dare to connect. Connecting includes recognizing other people as separate entities with separate feelings and lives that have nothing to do with you. Your Disney princess already had a boyfriend; you had no choice there. Those pedantic millennials around you have their own hopes and dreams and fantastical horizons inside that you can’t even begin to imagine from your casual interactions with them. Young artists like you tend to feel lonely and alienated until they learn to respect and empathize with the people around them, which includes accepting that people are very, very different from each other. The same basic elements exist inside everyone — longing, despair, shame — they just manifest themselves in very different ways.

It’s not enough for me to tell you that. You have to feel it for yourself. You could slowly crawl toward that feeling, but I recommend seeing a therapist now, so you don’t waste years of your life feeling like you have to be “special” and other people have to be “awful” just for your life to have meaning. Believe me, I’ve been there. You have to learn to show your heart, tolerate confusion and indifference, and stand up for what you are and will always be.

Because in your letter, it’s clear to me that what you are is precious to you, and it should be. Other people will probably perceive you as grandiose and snobby and intolerable at times. A lot of really great writers and artists are seen this way. And as much as I’m tempted to say, “Try being less of a dick,” I want you to know that all of your weird flaws and quirks are linked closely to your unique vision of the world. So be as humble and considerate of others as you can possibly be, but accept that plenty of people won’t like you even when you try hard to be liked. Love yourself anyway, and put your focus on other people as much as you can, and some of them will transform into sparkle princesses before your eyes. But protect yourself from indifferent, complexity-and-romance-fearing cave dwellers, too, even as you put yourself out there. You are fragile. Admit that to yourself. Fragility makes you an artist, and it will make you stronger, too, if you admit that this is part of who you are.

What would be the most absurd and embarrassing thing you could write? Who do you daydream about becoming, but you’d never want anyone to know about it? Work toward those visions even as you freelance. Learn to serve up words that people want to buy while also learning to write words (or poems or songs or essays or stories) that make your heart feel full, that embarrass you, that feel wild and strange and right to you, or that simply reflect how pissed off and lonely you are. You have to honor the rare and exotic blossoms in your hothouse, even if it sometimes seems like they could never survive outside in the cold, without a steady flow of your bullshit and darkness to feed them.

You’ve got to do a lot. You’ve got to go out into the world and slog through a job you don’t love at least some of the time, and you have to reach out to ordinary people and see which ones start to sparkle. But you also have to run your hothouse like it’s your fucking job.

The girlfriend or no girlfriend question will answer itself. The only important question is: Are you hiding from the world with her? You might be able to stay with her and stop hiding. But if your girlfriend truly doesn’t see what’s amazing about you, and you don’t see her as anything but a security blanket, then you should move on. Whatever you decide on that front, you have to know that you’re someone who will be loved by lots of people, not just your loyal girlfriend or your family. You have to decide that your crazy demented self-important visions are full of magic and even though they’re close to your flaws, they’re also close to the heart of what drives you forward and makes you who you are. You have to decide to be a pig in shit who sometimes feels like a brilliant and merciful king. You have to accept your creative powers, but you also have to accept your moodiness and your fear along with them. You have to build a kingdom from the ground up. It takes hard work to do that. You need feedback, criticism, input, and coaching — be humble and ask for it. But ultimately, you’re the only one who can make your kingdom what you want it to be.

Walt Disney was a serious asshole, by the way. He could barely get along with anyone. He pushed people away and disrespected them the second they didn’t conform to his perfectionist vision of what he was trying to create. And even though his legacy is a scary corporate consumerist nightmare serving up branded fantasy fare to the masses, who’ve been tricked into viewing their everyday lives as devoid of real magic, the truth is that what Disney wanted, at the start, was a nostalgic version of his small-town Kansas childhood. He wanted a clean, safe, loving, old-fashioned place where regular people could connect and also partake of a little bit of romantic magic. The inherent fear and racism of his vision obviously looks more MAGA than magical from our current vantage point. There was an escapist quality to all of it, an inability to live in the real world with real people that comes with being an abject fucking dick. But Disney was talented, and he was a dreamer, and he built something pretty daring and freakish and incredible.

Disney could never have created a world with so much humility and heart to it (underneath the mountains of overpriced trash) without having some humility and heart himself. Walt Disney was fragile and lonely and self-loathing, and these dark and conflicted emotions are reflected in everything he created, and that’s part of why people embrace him so passionately, even now.

Be like Disney, in the sense that you dare to believe in your fragile emotional vision of the world, the way that he believed in his. Be a perfectionist and a snob the way he was, if it helps you to do the hard work in front of you. Because you’re sensitive and very emotional, you’ll feel discouraged every single day. Believe in your work anyway — stubbornly, tenaciously. But create something that isn’t an escape FROM ordinary life, but a way of rendering ordinary life for ordinary people of every color, shape, size, and background more magical to them. In order to do that, you have to see that every human is divine. You have to see that with your own eyes. It will fuel you, once you see it. The troglodytes and the unhappy housewives and the shallow, pedantic millennials will start to glow and shimmer. Even when we flatter or circle like hyenas, there is something real there, some attempt to feel, to connect, to breathe in a little magic. Even when we start to transact cynically, we can make some sweet, real connection, almost by accident. And even when you reach out the way you did in your letter to me, feeling misguided, pathetic, and helpless, you’re reaching for a way to bring the magic and the darkness you feel in your heart into the real world. Above all, keep doing that. You are divine, and you are surrounded by a sea of divine souls. Let them know that you see their divinity. You have that gift. Take it seriously. Show them that even in the dark, something exotic and beautiful is growing.


Dang. Polly deserves a medal for this. It would be easy to just write 'GROW THE FUCK UP' over and over but she gave a thoughtful and sensitive answer. LW I you need to get out of your head. You need to spend time interacting with people and not just writing them off as hyenas. You're hung up on the Disney Princess because you barely know her and are in love with the dream you created. You need to find a way to support yourself if things don't pan out. You need to be honest about your feelings for your girlfriend, whether there's something to build a future on, or if she's a just a blanky for your broken heart. In this case listen to Polly I think she's right.

For those wanting a summary LW is trying to make a career out ofreelance writing and freaking out about his future. He's also hung up on a girl he never actually dated, and basically is dealing with reality not matching up with his expectations. Polly tells him that he needs to get out more, make some friends, and look into some therapy.

Mini Wetterhorn

Sep. 19th, 2017 06:38 pm
the_other_sandy: Kaleidoscope (Kaleidoscope)
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Mini Wetterhorn

Pattern by Tereena Clarke of Artecy Cross Stitch based on a painting by Joseph Anton Koch.

Stitch parking level 2: achievement unlocked. I can't tell you how many times I went to park a thread and found another thread already parked there. I think I properly fixed everything I caught, but goodness only knows if this looks anything like it was supposed to.

I can’t decide if I’m ready to level up to the pattern I’m dying to make, or if I should do one more slightly harder pattern first before working my way up to that. My end goal is a massive HAED pattern with 234 colors.

The second picture is a distance shot because this pattern was done in the pointillist style, so the farther away you stand, the more detailed it looks.

Cross-stitch tuesday

Sep. 19th, 2017 04:14 pm
ilyena_sylph: the Rising Sun of Cairhein (WoT: Cairhein)
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I started on working on tiny Yule-things for ornaments to use as gifts for my assorted cousins. This is the current one!

a small snowman in counted cross stitch

What the actual fuck?

Sep. 19th, 2017 07:55 pm
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Posted by honorh

Q. Fiancé worried my genes will affect his son’s “package:” I have recently become engaged to my longtime boyfriend. Whenever the topic of children came up, he would insist he only wanted girls because his siblings were all brothers so another male in the family would be boring. Last week, however, he forwarded me an email from his brother (also his best man) with some information I needed for wedding planning, but the email was part of a much larger running conversation. I was mortified when I read his real reason for not wanting a son is that my “Asian genes” would mean his son would have a “small package!” My brother was bullied by jocks using this idiotic stereotype in high school so I was incredibly angered, but I haven’t said anything about what I read yet. He has begun asking why I am so distant lately, but I have no idea how to confront him!

A: I can understand why you have no idea how to speak to him about it, because finding out your almost-husband is a racist who’s bizarrely fixated on the size of his hypothetical son’s dick has got to be jarring and shocking for you (not to mention the fact that he’s dumb enough to forward you an email about it). I imagine that, were you to bring this up to him, he will likely sputter and try to explain why you’re overreacting, or that what he said wasn’t that bad, or that he’s not “really like that.” He is really like that. That’s why he said it. Is there an answer he could give you that would make what he said seem reasonable, kind, loving, intelligent, or in any way acceptable? I certainly can’t think of one.

He has given you a valuable insight into his character, how he sees the world, how he assigns value to people based on race, and how he sees any future children the two of you might have together. If what you saw doesn’t seem like something you want for yourself or for any children you may someday have, I think you should consider yourself lucky you got to see this before you married him, and call it off.

Yes, LW, run away like he's radioactive. Imagine what would happen if you did give birth to a boy with this twit. Your poor son's junk would never know a moment's peace. I'm truly sorry you've gotten so deeply involved with an idiot, but it's not too late. Run away and let him obsess about dicks in peace.

Cross-stitch Tuesday

Sep. 19th, 2017 06:02 pm
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This week was a good week for the project, I managed to get lots done. Helped in no small part by having the day off on Friday and having decided to binge listen to a podcast series while I was at it. Unsurprisingly, around five solid hours of cross-stitching does make an impact on a project.

progress pic below the cut )

Let's Play Telephone

Sep. 19th, 2017 01:00 pm
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Posted by Jen

Ever wonder what could possibly go wrong with a simple inscription on a basic cake? Well, WONDER NO MORE. 

Below I've listed the inscriptions some of my trusty Wreckporters ordered from professional bakeries, followed by the cakes they actually received:


"God Bless Neal"

I hear it's His middle name.


"Welcome Baby Arnold"

The spacing is what really sells it.


"Happy Birthday Mom"

Now that's a cake only a mother named Bob could love.

[Btw, I'm starting to wonder if a baker named Bob is doing these on purpose. And if so, I want to shake Bob's hand.]


"Congrats British Lit"

I hope this starts a trend; I want to see all the ways bakers butcher "Kyrgyzstanian."


"Happy Bandwidth Upgrade Day"

"Band With Upgrade" is the name of my retro Steam Powered Giraffe cover band.

(I realize only about 3 people will get that joke... and I'm ok with that.)


"Grats to Dad"

I like to think this is the baker's revenge on everyone who shortens "congratulations" to "grats." "CONGRATS" IS SHORT ENOUGH, PEOPLE.


"Old Dirty Thirty"

At some point you stop being surprised. Or so I'm told.


"When I'm 64"

That's actually how John says it when he's singing in his "drunk McCartney" voice, so maybe Kit sang her order over the phone. Drunk. While imitating Paul McCartney. 

(Don't keep us in suspense, now, Kit: did you?)


Thanks to Colleen C., Suzanne R., Morgan & Eric, Katie D., Ethan D., Leslie C., Becky L., & Kit K. for really phoning it in today. ;)


Thank you for using our Amazon links to shop! USA, UK, Canada.


Sep. 18th, 2017 07:58 pm
settiai: (Space -- roxicons)
[personal profile] settiai
Out of curiosity, is anyone interested in a Kindle Paperwhite. It's the previous edition, so it's not the latest one, but it still works perfectly fine. Pretty much the only time that I use it nowadays is when I'm traveling via plane, which I don't see happening any time soon since I don't plan on going back to Tennessee for the holidays this year. So since my checking account is still somewhat lighter than I'd like, I thought that I'd at least see if anyone might want one.

I also still have quite a few things available in the virtual garage sale post that I put up several weeks ago. And I'm very much willing to haggle when it comes to listed prices, if you're interested in anything.

(Oh, and for those of you who donated to my Ko-fi page and requested fic, it's coming! The last few weeks have been absolutely hell, which deserves its own post, but things are calming down and I actually have time to breathe again.)

Now That's A Bad Day

Sep. 18th, 2017 01:00 pm
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Posted by Jen

Where is the moment we needed the most?

You kick up the leaves and the Volvo is lost...

You tell me your blue skies fade to grey

Your baker still hates you, too, they say

But I don't need no carryin' on!

You fall in the line just to hit a new low

You pretend that you meant to, but everyone knows

You tell me it's hard working here offline

Your coworkers mock you all the time

But I don't need no carryin' on!

So you had a bad day

You're itching downtown,

You sing a sad song just to drown out the sound!

You say you must know,

You tell me don't lie,

Then you work on a smile and you opt for the pie.

You had a bad day!

Now that's a bad day.


Thanks to wreckporters Connie L., Deborah P., Melissa F., Fribby, Monique R., Anony M., & Rachel B. for inspiring a new CW policy: from now on, we want any and all apologies handwritten. ON CAKE.


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Posted by Jen

Whether you're a kid or just feel like one, nothing beats seeing one of your favorite characters in cake, am I right?

And if you've already seen Guardians of the Galaxy 2, I bet this is one of your new favorites:

(By Tattooed Bakers)


And just look at all that fabulous detail & airbrushing!


Here's another favorite no one's ready to "let go" just yet:

(By The Hobby Baker, photo by Alison Greenwood)

Olaf! Let's just pretend he's singing our version of his summer song.

(Those waves are fantastic, btw; love how the number 5 is floating off to the side.)


Groot and Olaf may be the new characters in town, but some classics never get old:

(By Sonata Torte)

Winnie-the-Pooh, and the whole gang, too!


I'll admit it: I still love cartoons, and I still really love the Ninja Turtles:

(By You've Been Cupcaked)

Look how cute! And lookit Mikey on his back! D'awww.


This next one is for my fellow writer Sharyn, because "it's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!"

(By The Bunny Baker)

That's Agnes from Despicable Me, and I want her stuffed unicorn.


Ever see a character you grew up with and instantly get the show's theme song stuck in your head?

(By Richards' Cakes)

"Down in Fraggle Rock!"


Time for another favorite, this time from The Lego Movie:

(By April Heather)

Yay Unikitty!

Would you believe April is just a hobby baker? She made this for her daughter, so I think I speak for us all when I say, "JEALOUS."


How about an old arcade classic?

(By Sculpted Sweets)

It's Pac-Man, now in 3D! Great design, great colors.


And everyone's favorite Pixar robot:

(By Sweet Disposition Cakes)

Wall-E! Look closely; that "dirt" is actually chocolate sprinkles.

Here's a fun flashback for you: my first Sunday Sweets EVER was of a Wall-E cake.
I also have the Pop Funko toy perched on my monitor, so he can watch me while I work. :)


And another universally loved 'bot - though I think he prefers "droid":

(By Mira que Tarta)


Like Wall-E, there are a TON of great R2 cakes out there, but I love the extra details here: the themed number 7, the Tatooine landscape, and those bitty yellow wires on R2's "feet."


And finally, from droids to dragons:

(By Richards' Cakes)


This How To Train Your Dragon masterpiece needs a closer look, so here are a few detail shots:

He's even wearing a saddle!

I'm amazed bakers this talented don't also go into the clay figurine business. I'd buy some of these dragons for my desk in a heartbeat!


Hope you enjoyed your Sweets today, everyone! Happy Sunday!


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kaffyr: The TARDIS at Giverny (TARDIS at Giverny)
[personal profile] kaffyr posting in [community profile] dwfiction
Title: Hearts & Moons Recall the Truth
Author: [personal profile] kaffyr  
Chapter: 27
Characters: the Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Captain Jack Harkness
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: In which homecomings give way to leave-takings, and Rose says what has to be said.  I thought this was the penultimate chapter, but have since realized it was not. Not quite. But soon, soon.
Edited by: the irreplaceable [livejournal.com profile] dr_whuh, without whom none of this would be possible. 
Disclaimer: As much as I wish it were otherwise, no Whoniverse characters are mine. They are the sole property of the BBC and their respective creators. I take no coin or credit, but do thank the BBC for letting me play in their sandbox. 
Note: Because this is a long chapter, Live Journal may eliminate paragraph breaks, so you might want to read it over on Dreamwidth. 
Read on: Dreamwidth, LJ, or Teaspoon
kaffyr: The OT3 together, before PotW (Jack and Nine and Rose)
[personal profile] kaffyr posting in [community profile] dwfiction
Title: Hearts & Moons Recall the Truth
Author: [personal profile] kaffyr  
Chapter: 26
Characters: Jack Harkness/the Ninth Doctor/Rose Tyler
Rating: PG-13
Edited by: my beloved and irreplaceable [livejournal.com profile] dr_whuh. Thank you, dearest.
Author's note: In which our three heroes find each other, and the beginning of the end of the adventure commences to begin. Hello again, friends. It's been a long time, and I thank you for sticking with this, if you have. I believe the end is in sight. 
Disclaimer: As much as I wish it were otherwise, no Whoniverse characters are mine. They are the sole property of the BBC and their respective creators. I do, however, love them all, and thank the BBC for letting me play in its sandbox.
Read Here: on Dreamwidth, or my LJ

Fade To Wreck

Sep. 15th, 2017 01:00 pm
[syndicated profile] cakewrecks_feed

Posted by Jen

Just when you thought Fridays couldn't get any better, along comes...



Molly S. ordered this lovely ombré design for her wedding cake:

But instead, she got this:

Molly paid $500 for it.
It was still frozen solid in the middle.
And it left a giant puddle on the tablecloth.



Stephanie R. tells us the bride wanted a combo of these two cakes:

Oooh. Aaah.

So, a blue ombré fade on a smooth tiered cake with a monogram?






And finally, not a wedding cake, but Michelle tells me they wanted this for Madisyn's birthday:


I guess the baker didn't feel like making all those strands of fondant, though - which would probably be ok, provided the aforementioned baker can pipe even lines of oh who are we kidding.

Mmm. Finger-y.


Thanks to Molly, Stephanie, & Michelle for reminding us maybe it's time for a new trend. I'm thinking... chevrons. Eh? What could go wrong?


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Reading Meme on my day off

NSFW Sep. 15th, 2017 09:51 am
glinda: Hera quote text: No I tried to SEE if I could kill you. For Science! (semantics/for science!)
[personal profile] glinda
( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )

Multi-femslash Big Bang

Sep. 14th, 2017 06:09 pm
smudgythoughts: (Default)
[personal profile] smudgythoughts posting in [community profile] girlgay
Welcome to the first year of wlwbigbang!

At this point writer sign ups are closed, but artist sign ups are open until October 5th 2017.

Sign Up | Challenge Info | Schedule | Contact

Challenge Overview:

This is a big bang challenge for the sapphics, celebrating femslash pairings across many different fandoms. The main ones are RWBY, Star Trek, and Supergirl, plus more than ten others fandoms.

Authors have to write a minimum of 10,000 words, while artists have to create at least one piece based on the fic they claimed. Various types of art are allowed, including traditional and digital art, graphics, gifsets, moodboards, fanvideos, and fanmixes.

Fics and art pieces are due in late November.

Please check our tumblr, or our our livejournal for more information and specifics.
[syndicated profile] cfabbytribute_feed

Posted by jocelyncs

Dear Amy: My mother-in-law has no tact and no respect.  That being said, she is well intentioned and kind in her own way. She loves her kids and her grandkids.

Her attitude is that she raised three boys and she knows best. She doesn’t care that you’re supposed to put babies to sleep on their backs or that you’re not supposed to use blankets in newborn cribs, or whatever it is; she is going to do it her way.

She has used this approach with our nephew and it infuriates my sister-in-law (and me).

Now that we are expecting a baby, she announced to me today that “no grandchild of hers goes to day care,” so she will be babysitting.  I don’t trust her with my baby. I’ve seen her with my year-old nephew. My husband agrees and is on the same page.

We are just stumped. How do we tell her that she won’t be watching our baby or that our baby will be going to day care?

I’ve tried to lay some groundwork, like talking about all of the social benefits of day care or how there are really nice ones close to my work, or how it will all work out, but it isn’t sticking.  At the end of the day it is our decision, and we haven’t even settled on anything yet! Who is she to dictate what we do with our child and how do we tell her “no” without wrecking our relationship?

Expecting and Uneasy

Expecting and Uneasy: How’s this for an opener? “Actually, one of your grandchildren — ours — WILL be going to day care.”

Don’t bother quoting studies and explaining your point of view. Just state your position and move along. If she fumes and argues, you and your husband should respond with a version of, “That’s okay. We understand that you disagree, but this is the choice we’re making.”

Obviously, you should not go out of your way to discuss any of this with your mother-in-law.

Some of this comes down to how afraid you are of this outspoken, bossy, but well-meaning person. I suggest you find ways to be much less afraid, much more understanding, and determinedly calm in your reactions. Your mother-in-law probably did a good job in raising her children (I wonder what outside forces she had to fend off when she was a young mother). She made her own choices as a parent, and you must stand up for your choices.

Assume that she will love your child fiercely and that she may judge you harshly. Embrace the first, and ignore the latter.

Amy's got a good script for you, LW, but the problem is, your mother in law has already escalated beyond coaxing and cooing and explaining and justifying.  Be blunt.  Be curt.  Slap her down as politely as possible, but leave absolutely no room for debate. Let the woman caterwaul about "No grandchild of MINE will EVER," then curtly reply, "Actually, yes, MY CHILD is doing X. It's our decision. Discussion over."

" - But MYYYYYYY Grandchild!!!!"

"MY child. My decision. Drop the subject or leave MY house."

"But sonny, MYYYYYY Grandchild - "

"You heard my wife.  GTFO until you have it clear whose child it is, Mom.  Not yours.  Shoo."

There's nothing to be stumped about here.  Say no.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  Make your plans.  Don't allow her unsupervised with your child.  Let her whine, let her bitch, let her moan, let her flounce out of the house and tell her not to let the door hit her in the ass on the way out.  This is YOUR child.  Her "good intentions and love" amount to jack shit. Grow a spine and defend your child against this meddlesome old bat.  You are about to be parents.  Start acting like them now or plan on being forever steamrollered by psycho!grandma.

Happy Womb Expulsion Day!

Sep. 14th, 2017 01:00 pm
[syndicated profile] cakewrecks_feed

Posted by Jen

 All together, now!


Happy bathday to you...


Happy birdhday to you...



Happy BLIMDAY dear...



Brithty sooo-oong...

[sound of head banging on desktop]






(For a 90-yr-old grandmother)



(Supposed to be "Matthew.")




Thanks to Alex B., Alexander O., Aaron, Brittany G., Amber T., Anita B., Allison R., Anony M., Gemma G., Genevieve B, & Julia G. for the wreck-along.


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Sep. 13th, 2017 04:22 pm
[syndicated profile] cfabbytribute_feed

Posted by honorh

Dear Amy: My girlfriend, “Wendy,” and I have been living together for seven years. She has a daughter, “Ariel,” 18, who recently graduated from high school. Ariel and I always got along great, but I liked her more than I liked her mother, and I feel terrible about it.

A few years into our relationship, Wendy started neglecting her health and hygiene, put on weight, wouldn’t exercise, and after a while I was no longer attracted to her.

All the while, Ariel started to look great, and I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

I saved all my passions for Wendy, but honestly I was thinking about Ariel the whole time.

Ariel and her mother never got along. Her mother was jealous of our relationship.

When Ariel was 15, I suggested sending her to boarding school. She loved the school, and I hate to say it, but another reason I wanted her to go there was because I wanted to have a relationship with her, and I hated myself for it.

I visited Ariel a few times at school. Wendy was very jealous and suspicious of Ariel for dressing provocatively.

I was visiting Ariel at her school right after she turned 18, and she came on to me. Now that she is 18, she’s been telling me that she wants to have sex with me before she goes off to college.

I confess, I am almost ready to take her up on it. I’d be breaking no laws. If I left Wendy, I wouldn’t suffer.

Would it ruin Ariel’s life or cause her trouble later on if we have this relationship now? We won’t be living together or dating, and she’s looking forward to heading out of state to go to college soon, and I expect she’ll be dating a lot when she gets there.

Not Really Stepdad

Not Really Stepdad: Yes, I suspect that it would ruin “Ariel’s” life and cause her trouble later on if you have this relationship now.

But, of course, you have already messed up her life. You have groomed her since childhood by “liking” her more than her mother. You have also destroyed her relationship with her mother by rejecting the mother in favor of the girl.

Even if you would not be breaking any laws, your behavior so far has been despicable. Furthermore, like many sexual predators, you blame the victim and accuse her of coming on to you.

You say that you hate yourself for feeling this way. I hope you will let your conscience guide you now.

So, let me get this straight: You've been with this girl's mother since she was 11, you've had a hard-on for her at least since she was 15 (15!), you sound like you don't even particularly like her mother and have only stuck around because of said hard-on (although maybe having someone to cook for you was a nice bonus, amirite?), you were the source of some of the tension between the mother and daughter (won't blame you for all of it because I don't know the whole story, but wowza), and you now want to stick your hard-on into the girl now that she's technically legal. And you want to know if this is okay.

Amy's right. You're a sexual predator, and you're trying to justify your behavior. If you actually do hate yourself (which I doubt), do mother and daughter a solid and pull a disappearing act.

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