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I am: young/old, silly/serious, clever/slow, sensible/foolish, happy/sad, peaceful/anxious, helpful/stubborn, bouncy/exhausted, lonely/solitary, chatty/quiet - delete as appropriate for any given hour of any given day :o)

I laugh every day, I cry often, I sing out loud in the street.

I complain too much, I hold grudges long after I even want to, I forget everything I actually need to remember, I remember things I will never need, I obsess over trivialities, I procrastinate far too much.

I kiss girls, I cook my own food, I read for pleasure, I watch far more television than I really should.
I love my girlfriend, and miss her every day.
I don't bother with anything more than a ponytail most days, I rarely wear make-up, I live in my jeans, I wear skirts when I want to.

I nitpick, I grumble, I don't pay attention, I correct people, I sulk.

I am passionate about my fandoms, I can out-quote almost anyone, I can ramble for hours along any number of tangents, I have an eclectic range of tv/film preferences, I listen to music recorded way before my time, I dance to songs from my childhood that I still love even though I often get teased for it.

I get as excited as a six-year-old, I creak like an 80-year-old, I say "I'm fine, really" when I mean "I feel half-dead", I say "I feel terrible" when I can't be bothered lying, I smile over the little things whenever I can.

That's me, or as near as I can sum up. A few things are bound to be missing, I can't know my entire mind at any one time.

I occasionally post fanfic and icons, and these are usually unlocked. I keep almost everything related to real life (and most of the rest as well) friends-locked, partly to keep my journal looking tidy and not completely disjointed to the outside viewer, but mainly because of a sense of privacy, although I am quick to make new friends with lovely people with whom I have things in common :)

A good proportion of the icons I have are not mine. I credit where I can, but for some of them I just don't know who made them. You may take any (unless stated otherwise) as long as you don't mind not crediting. If you see your icon here (or if you know whose it is), please forgive me for not crediting, and let me know that it's yours so I can credit. Also, if I am using an icon that was not intended for sharing, please let me know and I will remove it.

The icons marked "made by me" are, as you might have guessed, made by me :) Unless stated otherwise, you may use them, but please credit me and comment on my topped post to let me know. My public icon posts have the same rules, but please comment there instead :)

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